North Guaitecas although wild as the rest of the Arquipelago, has been colonised since mid XX century. During the voyage we will stop at Puerto Aguirre and Toto, two small fishing villages of outstanding beauty. They are unique in their arquitecture, with their roads (pedestrian) covered with crushed shellfish or flying wooden catwalks that meander next to the seaside. We also visit the westerly islands with their majestic beaches created by the enormous waves of the pacific. Here again nature is at its prime, dolphins, whales and sea lions are seen regularly and the flora and fauna remains untouched. Anchoring in small coves will take you back to the times of the first voyagers who discovered this remote part of the world when coming from the pacific for shelter after crossing one of the most dangerous sea passages. Noctiluca then offers the possibility of leaving you in the world famous Puyuhuapi hot springs* and spa where you can relax and enjoy its thermal baths and five star accommodations before returning home.

Puerto Aisén – Isla Inca – Puerto Aguirre – Isla Kent – Isla Toto – Termas de Puyuhuapi, Spa & Resort

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