Chilean Patagonia has proven to be a landmark in worldwide fly-fishing destinations. But one spot has remained untouched because of its isolation. The mysterious Guaitecas Arquipelago and Taitao peninsula, only accessible by sea through tricky channels and fjords. A territory only local fisherman are really familiar with. Those same fishermen who have come back home with stories of trophy specimens of salmon and other species, which transformed the place into a mythic spot. Even greater has been the eagerness to know what happens in the vast amount of lakes and rivers hidden within these unexplored islands. Guaitecas Travesia Lodge has been visiting these places on board Noctiluca and has found some hotspots that are kept a secret, only disclosed for our clients. The fishing is fantastic, and although some hiking has to be done the scenery is also overwhelming, birds will come at half a meter from you to decipher what kind of weird specimen you are and what on earth are you doing in his territory.

Top quality service is offered to 6 anglers in double occupancy and sharing two bathrooms. Cruising can be done during the night to take full advantage of the different spots. One guide is shared by two anglers and rods and equipment are available to make your plane baggage as light as possible. The rates can vary if the client requires specific gear.

Puerto Aisén – Isla McPherson – Río Bonito – Fiordo Quitralco – Río Pistelli – Puerto Aisén

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