This cruise also includes departing from Puerto Aisen and a twelve-hour voyage through northern Guaitecas to arrive at the Corcovado Gulf. Here it has been discovered lately more than six kinds of whales feed and take coverage from the open sea, including the famous blue whale, the largest mammal on earth. Nearly half of the world’s cetacean population roam Patagonia during the summer but within our experience we recommend the months of March and April for a real whale watching experience. We have encountered up to twenty whales in a day during these months and the feeling is overwhelming. We subscribe to a true commitment for their protection and take all the precautions to not alter their environment. The size of Noctiluca permits anchoring in the Tic Toc islands only six miles from the whales, so since early in the morning the adventure con commence for three days in a row.

Puerto Aisén – Puerto Aguirre – Golfo Corcovado – Tic Toc – Puerto Aisen

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