We call it the classic route because we visit our six thousand hectare Hacienda on our way down to the San Rafael glacier. The hacienda is mostly a natural sanctuary in which the Mallin River cuts through the pristine valley, making this the ideal spot for fly fishing, horseback riding, hiking, bird watching, and spit-roasted lamb asado. The hacienda used to have a cattle operation, which we maintain at a minimum, but the place is still a time capsule of old-time Patagonian gaucho way of life, where we grow organic vegetables, make our own cheese and butter, and live from the land with the minimum impact possible. After replenishing the galley we set sail into deep Patagonia territory, nature getting wilder as one moves south. Once in San Rafael, where the most northerly-situated VENTISQUERO in the world is located, it is not strange to meet leopard seals, whales and dolphins. The view of the Ventisquero is breathtaking and one can have a scotch with millenary ice taken from the thousand of icebergs floating around the lagoon. Anchoring at various coves of outstanding beauty topple the trip as what could also be described as a trip into extreme wild Patagonia, where except from our 3 workers in Quitralco you probably won’t meet other people during your entire trip.

Puerto Aisén – Punta Lynch – Hacienda Quitralco – Termas Ballenita – Puerto Bonito-Laguna San Rafael – Puerto Aisén.

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